3 Tips For Wood Floor Installation

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Installing wood floors can be exciting, but there's much to consider before this process begins. A wood floor installation requires planning and preparation. You want to ensure you select suitable wood for your home and stay within your budget. Correct installation is also vital, so you don't want to leave this work to just anyone. Here are three tips to help with your wood floor installation. 

Skip The DIY

While you can install wood floors yourself, unless you are already experienced, hiring a professional is the best option. Poorly installed hardwood won't look as good and won't last as long as correctly installed wood flooring. A wood flooring professional will know how to install any type of hardwood flooring. Also, custom wood flooring is something you need a professional for. Complex wood flooring installations are complicated, even for experienced DIYers. It's your best bet to skip the DIY installation and look for professional custom wood flooring services for your home. 

Have Some Room In Your Budget

Budgeting for your wood floor installation can be challenging. While your installer will give you an estimate, unexpected problems may arise and cost you. Since contingencies are possible with any home improvement project, setting aside some room in your budget for the unexpected is crucial. The quality and species of the wood you choose will impact your bottom line. Custom wood flooring also costs more. On average, wood flooring will cost $3 to $10 per square foot for the materials and $3 to $8 per square foot for the installation labor. Once you have an estimate for how much your installation is set to cost, set aside extra funds for contingencies. 

Prepare Your Home

Getting your home ready for wood flooring installation is crucial, but it's easy to skip if you aren't paying attention. Getting your home ready will make the installation much easier for your flooring professional. First, remove the furniture from the areas where the new wood flooring will be installed. Some professionals include furniture removal, while others do not. Second, remove doors and baseboards. Finally, clean out closets and move and disconnect appliances if necessary. Taking down pictures and shelving may also be necessary.

Here are a few tips for wood floor installation. First, skip the DIY and hire a flooring professional to install your new wood flooring. Second, have room in your budget for unexpected expenses. Finally, take the time to prepare your home for wood flooring installation. 

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