Installing Cork Flooring? 3 Things to Know

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If you plan to install new flooring in your home, various options may work for your needs. While hardwood, carpet, and tile remain favorites for many homeowners, cork has been gaining ground. While cork may not be the first flooring material that comes to mind, it has numerous benefits and is an environmentally-friendly option. If you are looking into cork flooring, here are three things that you need to know.

Why Cork May Be Right for Your Home

The first thing to consider is all of the benefits of cork flooring and why cork may work well in your home. Cork is a material that is soft underfoot. If you are on your feet often, cork is an ideal choice since it is comfortable to stand on for a long time. Cork flooring also dampens sound. It's much quieter than wood or tile. Installing cork can also help you save on your utility bills since it is an insulating flooring option. If you require non-slip flooring, cork is also an excellent option.

What Cork Options Are Available

Cork flooring comes in multiple colors and styles. Taking the time to comparison shop is the best strategy for finding cork flooring that suits your home. Cork comes in various colors, from vibrant hues to tans and browns. Neutral cork shades tend to be the most popular, but you can find almost any color cork on the market. Cork flooring is also available in tile and plank formats. Cork installation is either glue-down or floating, depending on the kind of floors you choose. The amount of variety available when it comes to cork floors may surprise you. 

How Much Cork Costs

No matter what kind of flooring interests you, it's imperative that you stick to your budget. Cork flooring comes in various price points depending on the quality and color of the cork. The brighter the cork floors, the more expensive they tend to be. On average, you can expect the installation of cork floors to set you back between $5 and $14 per square foot. If you want to save on installation, cork floors are DIY-friendly. However, for the best results, you should hire a professional.

Cork flooring may be an excellent option for your home. Cork is quiet, comfortable underfoot, and has insulating properties. You will also find that cork floors come in a range of styles and colors. The cost of cork flooring will depend on the quality and color of the cork you choose for your home. 

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