Unique Places To Put Waterproof Vinyl Flooring In Your Home

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When you think of waterproof flooring, you likely think of the most common areas of the home to put it in, like the kitchen or the bathroom. However, waterproof vinyl flooring can be beneficial in a variety of rooms in the home, or can even be used in every room.

Waterproof vinyl flooring is an excellent flooring solution for your home because the flooring is easy to clean, durable, resistant to water damage, and stylish at the same time. When you put this type of vinyl flooring in the home, you benefit in many ways, including having floors that won't warp, crack, or become brittle due to water damage. You can put waterproof vinyl floors in nearly any floor of your room. Here are unique places to put this type of flooring in your home.

Play room or nursery

A play room or nursery is ideal for a waterproof floors because spilled sipping cups or other spilled foods and beverages can be easy to clean up without worry. The flooring is also ideal for these rooms because if a child were to accidentally color on or spill paint or other liquids on this high-traffic floor, cleanup would be easy and the floors would be able to last longer even with more damage.

Waterproof vinyl flooring comes in a nice variety of colors, styles, patterns, and more, so you can make a child's room or nursery area attractive even as you make the floors more durable.


Place waterproof vinyl flooring in your home's closets to keep the areas attractive and resistant to water damage from shoes and other items. Utility closets that have water heaters, air conditioners, washing machines and dryers, and other appliances will especially benefit from having waterproof vinyl flooring placed in them.

Workout areas

If you have a home gym, consider waterproof vinyl flooring in the area where you place workout equipment or weights. Waterproof vinyl flooring can also be used as a border floor around more absorbent flooring like cork or rubber tile. This way, you make your workout areas even more appealing while still allowing them to be resistant to sweat, water spills, and more.

The basement

When you put hard floors in the basement that are waterproof, you help preserve this area better than you might with other types of floors. Putting waterproof vinyl flooring in every room in the basement can help keep moisture damage at bay, thus improving this space greatly.

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