Wood Flooring: 3 Signs That Your Floor Is Damaged You Should Never Ignore

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When installing your hardwood floor, you expect that the flooring will retain the same shiny look for many years. However, how long your floor will hold up depends on how well you take care of it. 

Wood is prone to damage when exposed to water, scratches, or extreme temperatures. These conditions change the color and texture of your floor, and it then wears out slowly over time. The good news is that you call in a professional flooring contractor when you notice the following signs, and they will renovate your floor to restore its shine.   

1. Multiple Scratches

Regardless of how much you take care of your wooden floor, it will still have scratches. The damages might result from high-heeled shoes, wiping with abrasive material, pulling furniture along, or from pets. One or two scratches should not bother you. However, if the scratches are scattered all over the floor, it's time to call in a flooring contractor to fix them. 

You should not cover the scratches using any adhesives because you might damage your floor further or change its color. Instead, it would help if you let the contractor scrub the scratches and apply the right coating to restore the beautiful color of your floor. 

2. Color Change

Your wood flooring will change color when exposed to different conditions. For example, the light coming from bright bulbs in your home can cause discoloration. But, the amount of discoloration depends on the type of wood or finishing you chose. 

If you chose wood that changes color naturally, then you will have to repaint or restain it when the color starts fading away. However, if your floor changes color due to the amount of light in your house, you should hire a flooring contractor to restore its original color through treatments. 

3. Strange Noise When Walking on the Floor

When you hear a creaking sound when walking on your wood flooring, then it means that joints that hold it together might be loose. To eliminate the problem, you can apply a lubricant to the noisy areas. 

However, if the noise does not go away, you should hire a flooring contractor to eliminate the disturbance. The contractor will assess the noisy areas and recommend the best repairs to fix the problem. Depending on their assessment, the contractor might use a construction adhesive, screws, joints, or boards to fasten the wood on your floor. 

For more information about how a flooring contract can restore your hardwood floors, contact a local flooring service.

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