4 Reasons Luxury Vinyl Flooring Is A Good Choice For Your Basement

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It's challenging to choose flooring for your basement renovation since only certain types of flooring are suitable for a damp environment. You may want a particular look, but know that flooring like wood and carpet aren't good choices.

Take a look at luxury vinyl flooring. It's an ideal choice for a basement, and it can look like stone tiles or wood planks, so you have a lot of options for the appearance of the floor. Here's why luxury vinyl flooring is a good choice for your basement.

1. Luxury Vinyl Is Suitable For Damp Areas

When you renovate your basement, you take steps to keep it dry so your furniture and decor are not damaged by water, condensation, or high humidity. Waterproofing the basement and running a dehumidifier helps keep your basement dry, but since a basement is below grade, there is always a slight risk of water getting in. Plus, water vapor wafts up through the concrete floor.

A benefit of luxury vinyl flooring is that it resists water damage and mold growth. Some brands are even waterproof. Compare brands and look for one that's suitable for use below grade and that's waterproof, and you'll have peace of mind your floor won't succumb to water damage in your basement.

2. Vinyl Flooring Floats Above The Concrete Slab

Vinyl flooring doesn't have to be nailed or glued down. Instead, the planks click together. This makes the flooring easy to install, and it also makes it possible to use a vapor barrier on the floor that helps keep the basement dry.

Another benefit of floating flooring is that you eliminate the need to use adhesives that might outgas and foul the air in your basement. You can also choose a brand of luxury vinyl tile that is certified to be low outgassing so the air in your basement stays as clean as possible.

3. Luxury Vinyl Flooring Is Durable

If you plan to turn your basement into a recreation room, you need durable flooring. Luxury vinyl is thicker than basic vinyl flooring so it is more durable and can last for several years. Since the flooring is thicker, it's softer and warmer than stone.

However, you can buy luxury vinyl that looks just like travertine or marble for a stone look without the inconvenience of a hard, cold floor. While not as hard as stone, luxury tile is still durable enough to be used in commercial settings, so you know it will be a good choice for your basement.

4. The Flooring Can Be Removed If Necessary

If a tile or plank is damaged, it's possible to remove it and put in a new piece of flooring. You might also need to remove the flooring if there's a problem with a plumbing leak below the slab or if you decide later you need to install a drain system.

Since planks click together, they can be taken apart without damaging the flooring. The floor can be dismantled and then replaced if the need ever arises.

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