How To Update Your Bathroom On A Budget

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It can be hard to look on Instagram and Pinterest and see homes that you think will never look like yours because you just don't have the budget to remodel. Rather than actually remodeling your house, updating it with a few different things may be able to give you the look you are going for without spending a small fortune. Before you tackle a large project like your kitchen, though, consider updating a smaller space like your bathroom. 

Do Vinyl Flooring

If your bathroom currently has vinyl flooring in it from the '90s or before, then you may think the only replacement option you have is tile which can be fairly expensive. Instead, consider replacing it with a newer type of vinyl. Nowadays, they have tons of different types of high-quality vinyl flooring that can either look like tile or wood. For instance, if you like the cement tile trend, there are different vinyl flooring options that look just like cement tile but for a fraction of the cost. One of the best things about vinyl flooring is that it's not only easy to tear up (especially if it was never tacked down), but it's easy to install as well. 

Paint the Vanity

Another thing that you can do to update your bathroom on a tight budget is to paint your existing vanity and put some new hardware on it. If you have never painted cabinetry before though, there are a few steps that you should take to ensure that paint not only adheres well but lasts as well. 

  • Step 1: Remove cabinet fronts and drawers
  • Step 2: Sand down wood to get rid of existing stain/paint
  • Step 3: Use a primer
  • Step 4: Paint the cabinetry with several coats of paint

Paint the Walls

Adding a fresh coat of a bright white paint to the walls in your bathroom will make the space not only look a lot more open, but it will also make it look more updated as well. When choosing a paint, choose one that is at least semi-gloss so that you can wipe them off without them showing any signs of water drips after a shower. 

Add New Hardware and Lighting

Another quick and easy fix you can do is update all of the faucets, cabinet hardware, lighting, and even the shower curtain rod to something like a gold bronze or even a nickel color. 

Use these tips to get an updated bathroom without breaking the bank. 

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