Concrete Coatings to Use in Your Home and Yard Concrete Improvement Projects

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Concrete slabs in your yard and home do not always have to be rough, plain-colored, and boring. There are many treatments and applications you can use on a concrete surface to transform it into a shiny and more durable surface that looks amazing. Here are some concrete coatings you can use in and around your home and property to improve the function and appearance of your pavement.

Luminescent Treatment

Concrete treatments can be beautiful and impressive when they are visible when the lights are on or the sun is shining, however, you can also find a concrete treatment that is visible in the dark. A luminescent concrete treatment will give your concrete the ability to absorb UV light, then glow when it becomes dark. This can be beneficial to you if you want to make your outdoor pathway or patio visible in a low light environment to help prevent tripping hazards. 

For example, you can use this concrete treatment on your yard's edging and walkways to help when traveling through the yard at night. But you can also use a luminescent concrete spray on your basement concrete floor or garage floor to help the space be visible under low light conditions. 

A luminescent coating is beneficial to your concrete because it will protect it from staining and weather cracking. Talk to your concrete flooring professional about this type of luminescent concrete coating and find all the concrete surfaces you can apply it to for beneficial improvements.

Concrete Polish

Concrete polish is a great way to make your interior concrete surface gleam. Your concrete professional will use a heavy-duty sander to smooth the surface of your concrete, starting with rough sanding pads and working to progressively finer sanding pads. This will turn your concrete surface into one that looks like it could be made of travertine or marble. 

You can also stain your polished concrete to give it some coloring. You can use swirls, spots, or create veins of color to give it the appearance of an expensive rock or tile. A polished concrete floor will remain smooth and shiny and be a durable surface that will last for years in your home.

Clear Coating

A clear coating of epoxy, urethane, acrylic, or aliphatic polyurethane on your concrete floor can turn your concrete designed floor into a finished surface that stays shiny for your needs. This type of clear coat is something you can use to protect a concrete stain, dye. You can also use it to seal in decorative flooring flakes, seashell pieces, or small colored stones.

To learn more about concrete coating options, talk to a contractor near you.

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