Are You Using Porcelain Tiles As The Focal Point Of Your Country Kitchen?

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Have you always loved the look of tile? If so, maybe porcelain tiles will be the focal point of your new country-themed kitchen. Have you decided on everything you want to do with the tile? If you're still looking for ideas, read on for some helpful suggestions for planning out your kitchen.

Think Of Focusing On Green, White, And Farmhouse Red - Use these three colors as the base of your country kitchen and then use other colors to add interest to the room.

  • Select deep green for the color of your countertop tile and for the top of your kitchen island.
  • Choose white for the color of your kitchen cabinets.
  • Enhance the green and white colors with a porcelain tile mural behind your stove.
  • For example, the tile mural could depict an old-fashioned milk bottle and a basket full of red strawberries.
  • Another idea for a tile mural would show a country meadow with red field flowers as the focus of the design.

Use Porcelain Tile In Other Decorative Ways - Since you want tile to be the focus of your country kitchen, don't stop with just countertops and the mural behind your stove.

  • For instance, consider having a custom hutch designed to go in the dining portion of your kitchen.
  • Choose the same red of the strawberries for the color of your wooden hutch.
  • Select tiles with assorted fruit designs to be the top of the hutch.
  • For example, besides strawberries, use porcelain tiles that depict fruits like apples and cherries.
  • Buy extra tiles with assorted fruit designs to use as coasters.

Are you also choosing porcelain tile for your kitchen floor? If you are, then think of alternating red, white and green tiles for a checkered effect. 

The great part about selecting porcelain tiles to use throughout your country kitchen is that, besides being attractive, they will last for a very long time. The porcelain tile will also be easy to maintain. Use a glass cleaner or another cleaner that doesn't need to be rinsed off after it is applied. 

Another big benefit of having tile countertops is that you'll be able to place hot things on the tile without damaging it. The only thing you might miss is a totally smooth surface for rolling out things like biscuit dough, cookie dough and pie dough. Think of buying a large marble slab for when you want to roll out dough.

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