3 Carpet Myths, Debunked

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New flooring is an investment, so you will want to completely understand the pros and cons of different options before making a choice. Hardwoods are appealing and valuable, and tile can be a great option for rooms where moisture is a concern. However, carpet offers enormous appeal and comfort that should make it a top consideration. Unfortunately, many people believe a few common myths regarding carpet, which prevent them from choosing this as their next flooring material. This guide will debunk these common carpet myths.

Carpet Is Not Good for Allergy Sufferers

Many people have the impression that they should remove and avoid carpet if they have allergies. As a matter of fact, many experts still recommend removing carpet if you have allergies. While surprising to learn, recent studies are showing carpet does not trap as many allergens as initially thought. Therefore, you should not experience more or more frequent allergy symptoms just because you have carpet in your home.

Your severity and frequency of allergy symptoms largely depends on the type of allergies you have, and your immune system's response to these allergies. You should talk with your doctor to learn more about your specific needs but do not avoid carpeting because the common myth says you should.

Carpet Too Difficult to Keep Clean

Another myth you may believe is that carpet is too difficult to keep clean. This myth causes many people to choose tile, wood, or laminate instead, but all flooring materials will require cleaning and maintenance.

Carpet is actually quite simple to clean and maintain. Vacuuming the carpet regularly will ensure it stays free of dirt, hair, and other debris. Fortunately, you do not need to clean your carpeted floors with water and soap regularly. Compared to tile, wood, and laminate, which all do require periodic mopping, carpet can actually be easier to clean.

A great way to protect the cleanliness and feel of your carpet is to avoid walking on it while wearing shoes. Also, use rugs over your carpet. Rugs will not only protect the carpet fibers and underlying padding from wearing down, but they can also add an extra layer of texture and color to your floors.

More Expensive Carpet Is Better

Finally, when shopping for carpet, you may think the more expensive option is better. Again, this is a myth, since there are many high-quality carpets and padding options that are very affordable.

It is also better to invest more in the underlying padding than the actual carpet. This ensures your carpet has the right foundation for support, decreasing wear and tear over time and making your new carpet feel great and last for a longer period of time.

Talk with a carpet store near you about your options and the additional benefits of carpeted floors. Don't let these myths make you hesitate to use it in your home.

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