Remodeling Your Kitchen? 2 Flooring Options To Make It Look Beautiful

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A home remodel is exciting, especially when it includes the kitchen. For many families, this is the room that is most used in a home. There are many options to choose from when it comes to a kitchen remodel, one of these being the flooring that you install. To help you, below are two flooring options to consider so you can make your kitchen look beautiful.

Hardwood Kitchen Flooring

Hardwood kitchen flooring looks great if you are also planning to install new wood flooring in the rest of your home. When choosing wood, make sure it is hardwood. Softwood does not hold up as well and will scratch easily. Hardwood, on the other hand, will hold up for many years because it can withstand spills and a lot of use. To make the hardwood flooring even more resilient, however, you should put a finish on it. This will protect the flooring from staining and scratching.

Hardwood is hard on the feet and legs if you stand on it for long periods. Because of this, lay down area rugs where you stand the most, such as in front of the sink. If you want to change the look of the wood in later years you can refinish or stain the wood.

You can choose from either engineered wood or solid wood. Engineered wood has a top layer of real wood and plywood under the wood. The plywood makes the wood places less resistant to humidity and temperatures, as well as makes the flooring more stable.

Porcelain Tile Kitchen Flooring

Porcelain tiles are very durable flooring and works great if you have a busy kitchen that has a lot of spills. This is because porcelain tile will not be damaged or stained by these spills, as the tiles are not porous.  Porcelain tiles also stand up well to heavy foot traffic, such as if you have a large family and pets.

You can choose from either unglazed or glazed. Unglazed looks more natural and comes in earthy colors. Glazed is shiny and you can choose from a variety of colors for the tiles. If you choose glazed, you may have to put a new glaze on the flooring eventually. This won't be for many years, however.

The porcelain tiles are sanded and then mixed with clay. Once mixed, the tiles are made using high pressure and heat. This makes the tiles harder and less porous when compared to other options, such as ceramic tiles.

Talk with a flooring contractor, such as at All Brite Floors, Inc., to learn much more about these two flooring options.

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