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Do you want people to walk into your home and say,"Wow! You have the most gorgeous hardwood floors!"? If you want your home's hardwood floors to get complements and to help you make a statement, then you want to be sure that you are having your hardwood floors treated properly and that you and your family are also treating them the way they should be treated. You can learn here how your family should be treating your floors, as well as when, why, and how you should be having them professionally treated.

How you should be treating your hardwood floors

What not to do

One of the things you don't want is to put hard leg bottoms directly on the floors. You can purchase stick-on felt pads with soft bottoms that you can attach to the bottom of chair and table legs or to any other furniture that needs them. This will prevent scratches on the flooring. Also, never pull furniture across the floor. Pick it up and carry it or put it on a furniture dolly and roll it to where you want it.

You want to be very careful with how you clean your hardwood floors. You don't want to clean the floors with water. You also don't want to clean the flooring using anything that is rough, such as a sponge with a rough side. Never use vinegar on your hardwood floors; anyone who tells you to do this has never done it to their floor, and if they have, then look at their floor before you decide to do it, then still don't do it.

Never allow anyone wearing high heels to walk on the flooring; their shoes must be removed first, or they can damage your beautiful flooring. Never leave space rugs in the same spot for very long, or it can lead to different colors in your hardwood flooring.

What to do

Enjoy the ease of maintenance hardwood floors offer. You can regularly clean them with a broom and dustpan. When you spill something, you can simply wipe it right up, unlike with carpet and rugs.  

To clean up simple spills, use a paper towel. For messier spills, you can use a damp paper towel to clean the spill up, then dry the area quickly with a dry paper towel. Mop once a month.

Have your hardwood flooring cared for by professionals when it needs care beyond your capabilities. Any time you have something that has damaged your hardwood flooring, it is important for you to call the professionals out to tend to the issue. This way, you won't make the problem much bigger by trying to tend to it on your own.

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