Are You Remodeling Your Family Room?

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Have you been pouring over home decorating magazines to get ideas for your family room remodeling project? If you haven't been doing that, consider buying some magazines so that you can do that before you even start the remodeling job. Think of establishing a file where you save pictures that you have cut out from the magazines. That will probably serve you well when you start your family room home remodeling. From selecting the flooring for your family room to choosing the furniture, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Style

When you go through the home decorating magazines, pay close attention to detail. For example, if you see a hardwood floor that you'd love to have in your own family room, take note of the kind of furniture that is shown with it.

Maybe you have been drawn to a dark wood floor, say a floor constructed of mahogany wood. Is the furniture in the picture on the elegant side? If so, is that what you want in your family room? On the other hand, perhaps you saw a picture in the decorating magazine of rustic furniture that you knew would be perfect for your family's use. What kind of hardwood floor was shown in that picture? It might be rustic reclaimed wood.

No matter what kind of wood you decide to purchase, it might be some of the best money you'll spend on your remodeling project. Hardwood floors don't just look great; they are also easy to maintain. You'll just go over them with a dust mop, kind of like dusting your wooden furniture. Every now and then you might want to give the hardwood floors extra cleaning attention. Buy products that are designed especially for wooden floors. That will ensure that your floors will last for a very long time.

Contact a local residential hardwood flooring service for more advice.

The Furniture  

Is your family room also going to be used as your entertainment center? If so, consider buying recliners that have food trays as part of the design. Buy regular chairs and a sofa to complement them and select a hassock that can be used as a footrest. As you select the furniture for your family room, consider buying a table and chairs that can be used for the family to play cards and board games or to put together a jigsaw puzzle.

Also, consider buying a floor-to-ceiling shelf. Besides being a good place to place your television set, a floor-to-ceiling shelf will be perfect for displaying things like framed family photographs and other room decor. 

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