Tips To Maintain The Durability And Aesthetics Of Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

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Unfinished hardwood flooring is beautiful and durable, but only if you take good care of it. Here are the major measures you need to take care of unfinished wood flooring.

Keep It Clean

Cleanliness increases the durability of your hardwood flooring. Dirt and debris can scratch the surface of the flooring, stains can set in and discolor the floor, and some forms of debris can deteriorate hardwood flooring. Take measures to keep dirt and debris from your hardwood flooring and get rid of the debris that does make it into your house in the first place.

These two tips will help keep your floor clean:

  • Place a doormat by the doorway so that you can wipe dirt and debris off your shoes every time you enter the house.
  • Vacuum the house regularly to minimize dirt accumulation in the house.  

Whenever you sweep or clean the floor, use a soft mop (preferably microfiber material) so that you don't scratch the wood.

Maintain Cool Temperatures

Your home's indoor temperature affects your hardwood flooring. The wood expands and contracts with the rise and fall of the indoor temperature. The constant expansion and contraction weakens the wood and interferes with its durability. The temperature fluctuations may also cause the wood to warp. The best temperature range for your hardwood flooring is 60oF to 80oF.

Minimize Moisture Exposure

Overexposure to moisture can also damage your hardwood flooring. If you expose wood to moisture, the wood absorbs the water and swells. The swelling can deform the moisture and even cause it to rot. The wood can also crack and deform as it dries.

Therefore, dry any liquid spills as fast as they occur so that they don't soak into the wood. Also, don't mop the floor with too much water; instead, wipe the floor with a damp cloth. Controlling your indoor humidity also helps.

Don't Drag Furniture Heavy Items on It

You will scratch your hardwood flooring if you drag heavy objects, such as pieces of furniture, on the floor. Carry such items instead of dragging them. If you must drag heavy objects, use cushions or padding to protect the floor. You should use furniture pads all the times on your beds, tables, and chairs, among other furniture.

Now that you know how to take care of unfinished hardwood flooring, you can buy some to spruce up your house. The good news is that you can even order unfinished hardwood flooring online.

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