Are You Redoing Your Living Area?

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When you purchased a previously owned house, did you know already that you would be making changes in it? For example, maybe you loved the fact that the house had the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you wanted, and maybe you fell in love with the state-of-the-art kitchen that the house had. However, maybe you took one look at the existing floor in the living areas of your house and you decided that it would be the first big change to make.

Maybe you knew right away that you'd also be changing the wall treatment. Whether you are making changes soon after you moved into your house, or whether you have had to wait awhile, maybe the time for redoing your living area is here. From selecting hardwood flooring to choosing new wall treatment, here are some ideas that might help you.

Change the Flooring 

Perhaps you had carpet in your last house and you were convinced that you'd never have in the living area of another house again. While carpets might look really beautiful, perhaps you never felt that they were totally clean. Or, maybe a lot of foot traffic made it necessary to always be vacuuming and shampooing the carpets. If you have decided to go with a different material for the floor, you might be wondering which material to select.

Have you considered choosing hardwood flooring for your living room, dining room, and even your family room? Hardwood flooring doesn't just look gorgeous, it performs really well, too. For example, the cleaning of hardwood floors is so easy that you can do it almost without looking. Just use a dry dust mop and it will easily pick up things like animal hair and dirt. When the hardwood floors need extra attention, use a cleanser that is created especially for wooden floors.

For a formal look, say in the dining room and living room, think of selecting something like mahogany for the floors. For a more casual look, say in the family room, go with rustic wood. To get started on upgrading your flooring, contact services such as TLV Flooring Solutions.

Change the Wall Treatment

Do the walls in your living area have outdated wallpaper on them? Or, it might be that they are a color you just can't live with. Do you want to select a brand new wallpaper? Just remember that changing out wallpapers can be a pretty big job, so allow enough time for that project. Or, have professionals do the job for you. If you are going with a new paint color, consider the look you want. If you want a serene look, go for colors like off-white or eggshell blue. For a more dramatic look, select jewel tones for the color of your paint.

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