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Creating Gorgeous New Floors After tearing out all of the old carpet from our home, I realized that we needed something a little better. I began looking around at alternatives, and I found a really nice laminate that worked well with our budget and that looked really nice. I talked with the installers about putting it in, and they were more than happy to work with us. Within a few weeks, we had a new floor, and it made all the difference in the world. I decided that it would be fun to start an entire blog about flooring, so read more here if you have questions.

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Hardwood Flooring: Why It's Ideal for Your Baby's Room

The right flooring will make all the difference in your baby's room. For this reason, you should consider hardwood flooring in this area of the home. Here are reasons why

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Vinyl Flooring: Why Pick This Flooring Material For Your Home?

You may want to put new floors in your home, and vinyl flooring may be the best option for you. Whether you need to put new floors in the living room, kitchen, or even yo

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How To Deal With Scratches In Your Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is beautiful, but it shows its age over time. Hardwood can be scratched fairly easily, and when the scratches accumulate, they take away from the beauty

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Should You Go With Tile Installation in Your House?

Tile is a great flooring choice for a lot of different homes. Whether you are a single, retired person, a young professional, or a parent with one or many children, tile